🤔 About SpotDrop…

SpotDrop is an app for foodies that helps with the discovery and sharing of restaurants, cafes, and bars, based on the recommendation of friends.

In a world where foodies have an abundance of amazing food spots to enjoy and are constantly in search of new experiences, reaching out to friends for recommendations has been the preferred choice by far. Doing so, however, doesn’t come without its challenges - knowing who to reach out to in the first place, whether they’ll be available to respond in time, what to order once you’re there…it too often leads to foodies not making the most of the food scene around them.

This is where SpotDrop comes in 💡 - we’re bringing together all your favorite foodie spots and friends onto one platform so you can…

  1. See the recommendations and content from friends and foodies you choose to follow

  2. Have all your trusted recommendations and relevant foodie information at your fingertips

  3. Share experiences and connect with your friends through the places you love

🗞 Where this newsletter comes in…

Building a company to help solve an issue foodies face on a daily basis, is by far the most rewarding but also challenging endeavor we’ve taken to date. We want to share our journey with you, keep you updated with our month-to-month progress, reach out for help, and have a community so we can build SpotDrop together.

✍️ Posting schedule

SpotDrop’s Friends and Family Newsletter will come out on the first Monday of every quarter. In case there’s exciting news to share with you sooner, we’ll push a special update to keep you in the loop.

🙏 Thank you

We’re excited to share this journey with you and can’t wait to see all your favorite foodie spots on SpotDrop very soon. Reach out with any thoughts, questions, or if you just want to chat - we’d love to hear from you!